As part of the XVI. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, “Workshop: Architectural Experimental Film Practices – Research and Representation” will be held at the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Karaköy on October 5, 2022, from 14:00 to 17:30 and is open to everyone.

Workshop: Architecture Essay Films – Research and Representation

October 5, 2022 14:00-17:30 Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Karaköy

This workshop is a film screening and discussion session that focuses on the outcomes of “Architecture Essay Film Practices, Research and Representation” course tutored by Bihter Almaç at the Architecture Design Graduate Program, Istanbul Technical University. The screening will be followed by a discussion session where participated students and guests will have a conversation on filmmaking as a research practice in architecture.

The first half of the session is the film screening of the two separate themes of the course. The first one is “a probable hermitage” where we looked at the essayistic forms of architectural design and filmmaking; enfolding the territories of research matter in the solitary, secluded conditions of ourselves as we endure the global pandemic. And later on, we will be looking at the second theme “inescapable excess” that focuses on the oscillations/loops of guilt and pleasure in the post-capitalist consumerism behaviours. This is a discrepancy that we reluctantly find ourselves in to satisfy our desires. Following the screening sessions, we will have a discussion session where the participated students, invited filmmakers, researchers and audience will talk on filmmaking as an architecture research method and its practices.  

Session A. A Probable Hermitage 14:00- 15:05
Session B. Inescapable Excess 15:20 -16:35
Discussion Session 16:45 – 17:30