4 Kasım 2020 güncellemesi

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Konu: Nomad Encounters – Seminar by Zuhal KOL
Tarih: 23 Ekim 2020 17:30 (TSİ, GMT +3:00)

Nomad Encounters

Zuhal Kol is an architect and the co-founder of Openact Architecture, a design studio examining indeterminacy and plurality with offices in Madrid and Istanbul. Operating within the fields of architecture and urbanism, Openact employs research as a performative act in architecture and envisions the design of open-ended systems as the basis for adaptable, flexible and organic infrastructures, across a multitude of scales that support and promote contemporary urban life.

Zuhal’s work and research focus on strong design relationships between public realm, infrastructure, and the environment; all rooted and nurtured by her personal and professional nomadic encounters. The seminar will focus on the “nomad” experiences, projects, processes, productions formed/ing her encounters as an architect.