5 Nisan Perşembe 12:30 -13:30


Dekanlığımızın davetlisi olarak dönem içerisinde belli aralıklarla fakültemizde bulunacak olan Sidney Üniversitesi öğretim üyelerinden Dr. Dagmar Reinhardt, Mimari Tasarımda Bilişim lisansüstü programımızca düzenlenen seminerler dizisi kapsamında Human-Robot Collaborations – Towards Design Robotics, Adaptive Work Processes and New Industry Practices başlıklı bir sunum gerçekleştirecektir.

Human-Robot Collaborations —
Towards Design Robotics, Adaptive Work Processes and New Industry Practices

The use of industrial robotic arms in academia and architectural practice has opened up a potential for directly linking algorithmic design strategies with hybrid material applications and new paradigms for construction. This new control over workflows and protocols can orchestrate complex kinematic processes for assembly or formative, additive and subtractive manufacturing. Moreover, beyond automation that replaces human labour, robots can be used intuitively for design interactions between man and material, and in collaborations between human and machine. Developments in tools, workspace, fabrication sequences and mobile and onsite construction will change the way we will build in the immediate future. This talk introduces recent advancements at the intersection of architecture robotics, collaborative robotics, and creative and social robotics. This part is geared towards an overview of shared concepts, prototypes, methods and challenges, and presents an exert of Reinhardt’s forthcoming book on Design Robotics (2018). The second part of the talk discusses two research trajectories. ‘Robotic Acoustic Patterning’ (2014-2018) explored the robotic fabrication of micro-and macro-geometries for the differentiated acoustic performance of space. The recent industry collaboration and intense design research for ‘Systems Reef’ (2017-18) developed four 1:1 prototypes for a novel integrated ceiling system, produced onsite in an office through robotic weaving with lightweight and super-strong carbon-fibre threads.

Speaker bio: Dagmar Reinhardt is the leader of the Architecture Robotics Lab at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney, the Master of Digital Architecture Research, and the Program Director of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (BAE). Reinhardt’s research practice explores robotic protocols driven by structural engineering, acoustic behaviour of curved geometries, and the choreographing of relationships between Kinect sensing, timed materiality, and body movements. Reinhardt has chaired the ROB|ARCH2016 Robots in Architecture, Art and Design conference (www.robarch2016.org), curated the ‘Fabricating Futures’ (2015) and ‘Robotic Futures’ (2016) exhibitions, and has recently co-founded the Robots in Architecture Australia platform for ideas and research exchange. Reinhardt is also the co-director of reinhardtjung (www.reinhardtjung.de), an architecture practice based in Sydney and Frankfurt that produces buildings, installations, stage designs, and curatorial work. Our research, publications, lectures and exhibitions take place across Europe and Australia, have been widely published and received numerous awards.