Students registered before the 2017-2018 Fall Semester must enroll in the MIM 492E Graduation Project course, and students registered after the 2017-2018 Fall Semester must enroll in the MIM 4902E Diploma Project course. 

2022-2023 Spring Term Diploma Project students must fill out the Diploma Project Jury Choice (Google Form Document) and “ITU – Diploma Project Registration Form and Affidavit” published on given link and submit them by emailing the PDF to until February 6, 2023, 14:00. Students must fill out the documents of the course they are enroll in. 

For instructions on filling and signing the PDF form with your mobile device without printing or scanning it, you can read this post: Filling & signing PDF forms | ITU Department of Architecture | ITU Faculty of Architecture ( 

On February 7, 2023, Tuesday, students will be distributed to the juries according to their jury choices by the Diploma Project Coordination. The student list of each jury will be announced on the Department of Architecture website (Undergraduate > Courses > Project Studios) until February 7, 2023, Tuesday, at 17:00. 

On February 8, 2023, Wednesday, each jury will create their class lists on Ninova and hold the first meeting with students in the jury spaces for the diploma. Diploma Project briefs will be distributed to students digitally. 

You can find the Diploma Project Schedule for 2022-2023 Spring Term from the link given below.
23_Bahar_Diploma Projesi Takvimi

About jury selection: According to Article 14, paragraph 4 of the ITU Undergraduate Education and Training  Regulation published in the T.C. Resmî Gazete dated July 11, 2016 and numbered 29767, the  students enrolled in 100% English undergraduate programs must take all of the courses in the  curriculum of the program they are a student in during their undergraduate education,  excluding the courses that must be given in Turkish. In accordance with the above-mentioned  provision, students who are enrolled in the 100% English Architecture undergraduate program must choose an English jury from the MIM 4902E courses. 

See also: Diploma Project Principles | ITU Department of Architecture | ITU Faculty of Architecture (