26 Nisan 2018 Perşembe 12.30 – 13.45


Kahire Amerikan Üniversitesi ve Ain Shams Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakülteleri’nde
öğretim üyesi olan Prof. Sherif Abdelmohsen “COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN: Perpetual or Ephemeral?” başlıklı bir söyleşi gerçekleştirecektir.

Sherif Abdelmohsen is associate professor of digital media and design computing in architecture at the Department of Architecture at the American University in Cairo, and at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He received his PhD degree in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011, and participated in design computing research and teaching at both Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech.

Prof. Abdelmohsen has conducted research in areas lying at the intersection of design cognition and design computing, including cognitive processes in design and analyzing design activity, qualitative methods in design research, space layout planning, responsive architecture and physical computing, parametric and generative design, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping, building information modeling (BIM), and automated pre-occupancy and post-occupancy building evaluation systems.

He has publications in international conferences and journals such as Advanced Engineering Informatics, Automation in Construction, International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC), International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems (IJPEDS)CAAD Futures, DCC, ACADIA, CAADRIA, eCAADe, DRS, PLEA, IASDR, IBPSA, and ASCAAD.

His recent research involves a variety of topics, including the development of low-cost soft adaptive façade systems using hygroscopic properties of wood, automated post-occupancy space management using BIM and GIS, and the design and fabrication of complex facades using robotic depositing and multi-point forming.

At the professional level, Prof. Abdelmohsen has participated in designing several architectural projects including residential buildings, commercial complexes, museums, and exhibitions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Germany. He is also co-founder and managing partner at UDAAR, an international company specialized in architecture, computational design research, and smart building management solutions.